Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Scarves Organizer

I always having a stressful time to find the right scarf to wear. This was due to the way I organized my wardrobe. After the ITEX 2013, we went to IKEA, Damansara. I have found something perfect for me to organize my scarves. It is a multi-use hanger. Suitable for hanging all my scarves.

Multi-use hanger, white


After arranging all the scarves, then I realized I have too many scarves. Need to find time to sort the old and new scarves soon. This hanger make it easier for me to find the right scarves.

Organized scarves

I also bought another type of hanger that I think suitable to hang the 'awning' type scarves. Also from IKEA. It is actually a skirt hanger, but who cares? 

Skirt hanger, natural


Have you organize your wardrobe?

Vacation, election and work

1st of May 2013

Went to my mother's house for vacation and election 
(After 6 months)

5th May 2013
My first election

9 - 11th May 2013
Went to KL, for ITEX 2013. 
(2 products of mine. Thank God, managed to won 2 silver awards for both products)

My students and me


13th May 2013
Home Sweet Home


Been busy lately. Busy with my kids, work, election and other important stuff. Well, just for your information, my favourite nanny wanted to resign since her son needed her help in managing his business. She has been taking care of my children for almost 4 and half years now. So, I asked my mother to babysit my children (only for a few weeks since I am very confident that my nanny will change her mind). 

After two weeks, my phone rang and I recognised the number. It was my nanny. Well as predicted, she said she wanted to baby sit my children again. Thank God. It was such a relief for me and my mother. It is hard to find somebody that you can trust to take a good care of your children nowadays.

The kids and me